Anything From Wood

Right from the beginning of my woodworking career, I have never turned down a repair request as long as it was something made from wood. A lot of different pieces have passed over my workbench in forty years but I still occasionally get something I’ve never seen before. Recently this happened again.

A client asked me to restore a table that was originally from England but has been in his family for decades. It is a portable picnic table and two benches made from Pine. The unusual part was the folding metal legs that let the table and benches be carried flat, like in the back of a station-wagon, but very solid and usable when stood up.

 The table top and benches were weathered and dry, but I repaired the cracks and sanded them smooth. A couple coats of varnish made the old Pine wood look good again and will protect it for further use. The metal legs were cleaned and spray painted. The set is now restored and ready to serve another generation of happy family picnics. I was able to work on something unique and save it from the dump. How satisfying!

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